Principal’s Message


It’s a great pleasure for me to work in this prestigious institution.A good educational institution is one that helps the overall development of a child’s mind, body, and character. To achieve this goal we provide a wide array of programmers and activities so that each student can seize the opportunities afforded to him/her.

In the words of Oscar Wilde “, the aim of life is self-development to realize one’s nature perfectly.”Over the years ,as a teacher, I have realized that if the fertile soil of the mind is enriched with the values of love, kindness and patience the saplings of good education and character will grow into strong trees and bear good fruits.

Through the years it has been our major aspiration to help students grow into intelligent, compassionate and responsible citizens. It is our desire that   our students fly high and carve a niche for themselves in this world of cut throat competitions. We believe that education is a training of the mind and not stuffing of the brain. My beloved children, this is the thought I would like to share with you-Believe in yourself, you are the greatest asset. Your achievements are determined by the burning desire you possess. Nothing is possible without God’s grace. Prayer is the pillar of religion and the key to paradise. Let us all join hands and strive towards excellence which will take our school to a zenith of success.